The University of Pittsburgh School of Computing and Information (SCI) will officially open on July 1, 2017, and will include the faculties, staff, students, and degree programs of the School of Information Sciences and the Department of Computer Science.

With the introduction of SCI, the University is answering a worldwide call for more professionals who are capable of building next-generation information systems; enabling users to find the right information; and guiding organizations and governments in sharing, preserving, and protecting data and data sources. Our degree programs will address the holistic spectrum of computing and information, from producers to users and from science-oriented exploration to human-centric applications. We foresee a future with increased opportunities to expose our students to a multidisciplinary approach to knowledge creation, information management, and computing; expanded experiential learning opportunities; and extended career networks.

SCI will represent the confluence of computing with diverse academic disciplines, serving as a valuable resource to researchers, students, and organizations across the University and around the world. It will be a new school for a new era of research and learning, one in which the power of information and computing will accelerate knowledge discovery and creativity.


New School of Computing and Information Will Address Emerging Trends in Computing and Information
University of Pittsburgh trustees today approved creation of a new school aimed at addressing that need. In an era characterized by the outsized influence of technology on advances in other major fields, the School of Computing and Information (SCI) at Pitt will host an array of academic programs that integrate computing and information with core disciplinary strengths across the University.
University of Pittsburgh press release, 10/28/2016

New School at Pitt Aims to Attract Top Talent
University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Patrick Gallagher told the board of trustees Friday it had ushered in "a very important chapter for our university." What will be known as the School of Computing and Information results from combining Pitt's School of Information Sciences and the computer science department within the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/29/2016

Computing and Information School Approved
"Congratulations. We have a new school," announced Board of Trustees chair Eva Tansky Blum following the board's Oct. 28 vote to create the School of Computing and Information (SCI) at Pitt.
University Times, 11/10/2016



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