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Records Forms

Please submit all forms to the SCI Records Office (via online form submission or scireg@pitt.edu).

Undergraduate Student Forms

  • Academic Plan (Major/Minor) Declaration Form
    • This form is intended for:
      • students currently enrolled in ANY school at the University who would like to add or remove an SCI minor to/from their academic record, or’
      • current SCI students who would like to:
        • switch, add, or remove majors within SCI
          • DEADLINE FOR DECLARING A MAJOR: Fall term = January 15-March 1 | Spring term = August 15-October 1 | Summer term = November 15-January 1
          • Students who miss the deadline to declare for the upcoming term will be able to declare for the following term, however, all are strongly encouraged to declare their major at the earliest possible point in their career or when entering the term in which they will earn 55 credits.
        • transfer out of SCI and into another school within the University
        • declare an additional major at another school within the University.
    • This form is not the application for internal transfer to SCI. Please visit the office of your home school for more information on how to apply for internal transfer to or to apply for a second major in SCI.
  • SCI Policy and Requirements Change e-Form
    • This form is initiated by the student’s advisor. Students should request an advising appointment to discuss the implications of opting into a new set of policy and degree requirements.
  • Undergraduate Graduation Application: Students should submit this survey to receive a link to the Application for Graduation. (Instructions and deadlines)

Graduate Student Forms

PhD Student Forms
  • Committee Approval* – This must be completed prior to scheduling the proposal.
    • Prepared by the student or department/program support staff, the Committee Approval form must be signed by the Department Chair and the Associate Dean for Academic Programs.
    • If an active researcher with an appointment outside of the University is recommended as a member of the committee, the researcher’s CV must be attached to the Committee Approval form.
    • Any changes in the membership or roles of the committee must be submitted through this same process and form.
  • Defense Announcements – This must be completed AT LEAST FOUR WEEKS PRIOR to the scheduled defense.
    • Student must prepare the Proposal/Dissertation Abstract template prior to submitting the defense scheduling form. The proposal/dissertation abstract is a required attachment for the defense scheduling & announcements form.
    • Student, Chair, or department/program support staff submits the defense announcements form. Submission of the online form triggers a notification to the department/program support staff, the Dean’s Office, and SCI staff responsible for publishing announcements related to doctoral defenses.
    • Changes to the defense schedule must be submitted through this same process and form.
  • Application for Admission to Candidacy* – This must be completed no later than the last day of the term in which the dissertation overview occurs.
    • Student completes Part I of the application for admission to candidacy form and submits it to their department/program support staff. Approvals from the committee, Chair, and Dean’s Office will be gathered and copies of the final signed form distributed to the appropriate offices.
  • Report on Examinations for Doctoral or Master’s Degree*– This must be completed by the end of term in which a student milestone has been achieved.
    • The department/program support staff submits a completed and signed Report on Examinations form (“milestone card”) to SCI Records via the Director of Academic Records.
    • SCI Records will post milestone to students’ academic records at the close of each term.
  • PhD Graduation Checklist – The PhD graduation checklist is found on the Graduation Procedures webpage. Items listed in the checklist are required of all doctoral students by the ETD deadline. Items may be submitted earlier but not later than the ETD deadline.
    • The student submits all items to the Director of Academic Records (and/or via D-Scholarship).
    • The ETD formatting is reviewed by staff after the ETD deadline and corrections are reported back to the student with expected turnaround dates.
    • ETD approval and publication in D-Scholarship is communicated to the student and committee by the Director of Academic Records.

*FORMS REQUIRING SIGNATURES: We suggest using DocuSign to gather multiple signatures on any form that exists in PDF or Word doc format. Through DocuSign, you can upload a form, add text, and send it to various offices for signatures. Pitt staff, faculty, and students have access to DocuSign via my.pitt.edu. Detailed help is available through the my.pitt.edu DocuSign app.

Registration Forms

For a listing of policies and procedures related to registration, visit this page.

Undergraduate Degree Progress and Advising


Degree Progress / Academic Advisement Report Update

  • General Education Requirement (GER) Exemption forms are used when requesting a waiver for a requirement because you have filled that academic bucket by another means (study abroad, different but similar course, etc.) or redirecting a course from one requirement to another IF the course is on the “approved course list” for two different academic buckets.
  • If you are requesting a course substitution for a class taken at another institution (meaning, this is not a Pitt class), you should instead complete the Transfer Credit Request Form.

Graduate Degree Progress

Computer Science

Informatics and Networked Systems

Information Culture and Data Stewardship

Experiential Learning Forms

For policies and guidelines related to Experiential Learning, visit this page.

Other Forms