Professor Peter Brusilovsky recently received more than $250,000 from the National Science Foundation for his project titled, “Collaborative Research: CSEdPad: Investigating and Scaffolding Students’ Mental Models during Computer Programming Tasks to Improve Learning, Engagement, and Retention.”  

This project aims to help students’ better cope with the high level of complexity involved in introductory Computer Science courses by investigating a novel education technology called CSEaPad (CS Education Pad). This technology is meant to ease students’ introduction to programming during their early encounters with Computer Science concepts. The project forges new frontiers in Computer Science education through a research program that advances our understanding of students’ source code comprehension, learning, and motivational processes. Peter’s project has the potential to transform how students perceive and think about Computer Science in addition to increasing their programming skills, leading to increased retention rates. 

 Please join us in congratulating Professor Brusilovsky on this great accomplishment! 

 For full abstract please click here