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Robert R. Perkoski
Robert R. Perkoski Director, Undergraduate programs, Department of Informatics and Networked Systems; Assistant Professor
Room 720A, Information Sciences Building 412-624-9425


Institution of highest degree:
Ed.D Education, University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests

Human computer interaction, distance learning, intelligent tutoring, knowledge transfer and representation within informal and formal groups, Internet companies.

Recent Publications

Collins, K. and Perkoski, R.R. Fall, 1989. A Matter of Degrees. The Wall Street Journal’s Managing Your Career 7-8.

Perkoski, R.R. Spring-Summer, 1989. Software Professionals Break Out of the Technical Niche. Experienced Engineer and Software Professional 13-14.

Perkoski, R.R. and Collins, K. April, 1988. Prepare to Ace Your Interviews. The Wall Street Journal's National Business Employment Weekly 5-6.