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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Engineering

The undergraduate program in Computer Engineering (CoE), a joint program of the Swanson School of Engineering and the School of Computing and Information, is officially housed in the Swanson school. Computer Engineering provides an education in the fundamentals of mathematics and the physical sciences coupled with a strong emphasis on analysis and design of computer hardware and software systems.

The CoE curriculum, which requires no initial background in computers or programming, focuses on the design, production, operation, and maintenance of computers and digital systems. These skill sets equip our students with the tools to solve a wide variety of real-world engineering problems.

Our students take classes ranging from low-level coding fundamentals to advanced software development, as well as electronics and embedded systems. There are also a number of hardware based labs that cover subjects such as basic CPU design and even the Internet of Things. The program culminates in a Senior Design course that ties all of these elements together.

Our graduates are prepared to work in a variety of fields including, Software Engineering, Computer Architecture, Integrated Circuit Design, Web and Application Development, Firmware, Cyber Security, Computer Networking, Robotics, and many others.

The program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.