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Now is your chance to make your mark at the intersection of information, computing, and humanity.

You’re in the right place. At the right time.

In every facet of society—industry, government, healthcare, education, etc.—collaboration between information and computing is needed to develop context-responsive solutions, advance goals, and prepare for future challenges. This inescapable need places our graduates at the epicenter of innovation.

Our combination of advanced research, renowned faculty, and real-world experiences will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and scholarly insights needed in these dynamic and rewarding fields.

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Providing Opportunities for Success

She Innovates

She Innovates is a weekend-long hackathon for women on Pitt’s campus. It is a weekend of ideation, programming, bonding, and creation with mentors from industry and academia. She Innovates prides itself on being an event that fosters the collaboration of women from different backgrounds with a common shared love of technology and problem solving.”

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Technology Leadership Initiative (TLI)

The mission of TLI is to provide underrepresented students in grades 6-12 with the opportunities, tools, and motivation necessary to succeed in the Computer Science field. 

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Women in Computer Science (WICS)

The goal of Pitt’s Women in Computer Science (WiCS) organization is to foster a diversity-friendly environment in the field of computer science. WiCS currently includes undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and faculty women from the School’s Computer Science department—and other related fields at the University.

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This free week-long program is designed to introduce incoming female freshman students to the field of computer science and information science so that you can better understand what the discipline is all about in a no-pressure environment. Students will get a broad overview of topics in CS & IS and hear from female members of industry (from Google, BNY Mellon, and more) who can introduce possible career paths in computing fields. This is an opportunity to hear about the benefits of being a woman in tech and make some connections before classes even start!

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Women in Information Science (WIS)

Women attaining their PhD face a unique set of challenges such as breaking through the glass ceiling of this male-dominated field or learning to promote themselves and their work. The purpose of WIS is to build a support network among female PhD that will better prepare them to face these challenges.

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