The University of Pittsburgh recently announced the recipients of the Spring 2018 Personalized Education grants. Among those, two projects from the School of Computing and Information have been selected.

“It’s Who You Know”: Feasibility of a Hybrid Recommender System to Connect Students with Informal Social Networks of Pitt Researchers

This project, will test the concept of an online system that can curate and filter vast amounts of information about the research, career, and learning going on at Pitt. The system would aggregate and interconnect this vast data by learning from the selections that students make, filtering through and exploring options, much like how Netflix learns what movies to recommend. Students’ choices could result in personalized education, career pathways, and research collaborations for themselves, faculty, and future students.

Collaborators for this project include Dmitriy Babichenko, professor of practice, Peter Brusilovsky, professor, and PhD students Chun-Hua Tsai and Jordan Barria Pineda.

Personalizing Computer Science Courses through Customized Tracks

The goal of this project is to enrich students’ educational experience by recognizing and integrating diversity of educational experience in the classroom. Specifically by providing course-level personalization through mini-tracks that will support personalized mentoring based on student interests and backgrounds.

This project will be conducted by Rami Melhem, professor, and Kenrick Fernandes, PhD student.

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