The University of Pittsburgh School of Computing and Information is seeking leaders in the field of Cybersecurity to help launch a professional education program focused on providing working information professionals with cutting edge skills and knowledge in Information Security/Privacy and Enterprise Security Management.

Full-time and part-time positions are available for experienced security professionals to design a curriculum that addresses the technological, policy, legal, ethical, and criminal aspects of protecting data, systems, networks, and organizations. The institute will appeal to those who need to enhance/update their skills and competencies in:

  • Developing and securing enterprise and network systems
  • Preventing vulnerabilities, addressing threats, and stopping attacks
  • Penetration testing & incident response
  • Risk analysis, management and mitigation
  • Implementing secure e-commerce systems
  • Security management & digital forensics
  • Cybersecurity policy and privacy regulation
  • Ethics and policy in cyberspace
  • Cybercrime

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