PAWS lab paper “Fine-Grained Open Learner Models: Complexity Versus Support” lead by Julio Guerra just received James Chen Best Student Paper Award at UMAP 2017 conference in Bratislava. [ Link ]  The paper was advised by two ISP facultyDr. Peter Brusilovsky and Dr. Christian Schunn.

James Chen Best Student Paper Awards is the most respected Best Student Paper award in the field of user modeling and personalization. The award is given for a full conference paper for which the first (and primary) author is a student. The University of Pittsburgh is the clear leader in producing James Chen Award winners as can be seen in the link

Former ISP students Rosta Farzan and Min Chi also received this award in the past.  Dr. Rosta Farzan also received this award twice as a student in 2006 and 2009 and once again as an advisor of a winning student in 2011.