Professor David Tipper recently won Best Paper Award for his paper titled, Reconsidering Network Availability and Time, at the 15th International Conference on the Design of Reliable Communication Networks in Coimbra, Portugal.

DRCN, the International Conference on the Design of Reliable Communication Networks, is an event that has been set up to provide a forum of presentations and discussions of recent developments and future trends in communication networks and network subsystems, focusing on all aspects of network reliability.

Tipper was presented the award during the conference on the basis of the technical merit and presentation quality.

His abstract is as follows:
Availability analysis typically focuses on steady state behavior. However, there are many scenarios where the system availability may depend on time. This paper focuses on modeling techniques to study time dependent availability behavior with the intent of rekindling interest in the area. The spotlight is on determining when time dependent analysis is needed, how the analysis can be conducted and efficient computational methods. Drawing on results from queueing and control theory, the set of analysis tools are expanded providing methods to estimate the length of transient time periods and numerical algorithms for studying non-stationary behavior.

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