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Liz Lyon
Liz Lyon Interim Boyce Chair; Visiting Professor
Information Sciences Building, Room 616 412-624-9436


Institution of highest degree:
PhD, University of Reading, UK

Research Interests

Open science and scholarship, data science, research data management, digital curation, data-intensive research capability models, research data service models in libraries, citizen science.

All Publications

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Recent Publications

Lyon, L. (2017) Exploring Next Generation Research Data Services and Data Roles Beyond 2017. Paper accepted for CODATA Conference, St Petersburg, October 2017.

Lyon, L., Jeng, W. & Mattern, E. (2017) Research transparency: A Preliminary Study of Disciplinary Conceptualisation, Drivers, Tools and Support Services Int. J. Digital Curation 12(1). Runner-up Best Research Paper Award at IDCC17.

Cox, A., Kennan, M.A., Lyon, L. & Pinfield, S. (2017) Developments in research data management in academic libraries: Towards an understanding of research data service maturity. JASIST, 68(4). 2182-2200.

Lyon, L. (2016). Librarians in the Lab: towards radically re-engineering data curation services at the research coalface. New Review of Academic Librarianship, 1-19,

Lyon, L. (2016). Transparency: the emerging third dimension of Open Science and Open Data. LIBER Quarterly, 25(4), 153-171.

Jeng, W. & Lyon, L. (2016). A Report of Data-Intensive Capability, Institutional Support, and Data management Practice in Social Sciences. Int. J. Digital Curation (In Press). Runner-up Best Paper Award at IDCC16.

Lyon, L. & Mattern, E. (2016). Education for Real-World Data Science Roles (Part 2): A Translational Approach to Curriculum Development. In. J. Digital Curation, 11(2)

Mattern, E., Brenner, A & Lyon, L. (2016). Learning by teaching about RDM: An Active Learning Model for Internal Library Education. Int. J. Digital Curation, 11(2),

Mattern, E., Jeng, W., Lyon, L., He, D. & Brenner, A. (2015). Using Participatory Design and Visual Narrative Inquiry to Investgate Researchers’ Data Challenges and Recommendations for Library Research Data Services. Program, 49(4), 408-423.

Liz Lyon, Eleanor Mattern, Amelia Acker, & Alison Langmead (2015). Applying translational principles to data science curriculum development. iPres Conference Proceedings, UNC-Chapel Hill, 3-6 November, 2015,

Lyon, L. & Brenner, A. (2015). Bridging the Data Talent Gap: Positioning the iSchool as an agent for change. Int. J. Digital Curation, 10,(1) 111-122. Available from:

Lyon, L. & Beaton, B. (2015). Citizen science, open access, open data, and research inclusivity. ALISE Annual Conference, Chicago. (Paper accepted).

Shadbolt, A., Konstantelos, L., Lyon, L. & Guy, M. (2014). Delivering innovative RDM training: the Immersive Informatics Pilot Programme. Int. J. Digital Curation, 9, 313-323.

Lyon, L. & Webster, K. (2014). Embedding immersive informatics research data management within the iSchool curriculum: a laboratory-based action research case study. Library Research Seminar VI, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Available from:

Lyon, L., Patel, M., & Takeda, K. (2014). Assessing requirements for research data management support in academic libraries: introducing a new multi-faceted capability tool. Libraries in the Digital Age Proceedings, Zadar Croatia, 4pp.

Lyon, L. (2012). The informatics transform: Re-engineering libraries for the data decade. Int. J. Digital Curation, 7(1), 126-138. Available from:

Lyon, L., Ball, A., Duke, M., & Day, M. (2012). Community capability model framework. White Paper. UKOLN, University of Bath & Microsoft Research. Available from:

Lyon, L., Ball, A., Duke, M., & Day, M. (2012). Developing a community capability model framework for data-intensive research. iPres 2012: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects, October 1-5, 2012 (pp. 9-17). University of Toronto, Faculty of Information.