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Eleanor Mattern
Eleanor Mattern Visiting Assistant Professor


Institution of highest degree:
PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests

Information Policy and Ethics, Archives and Recordkeeping, Data Curation, Ownership, Cultural Heritage

All Publications

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Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Mattern, Eleanor. "A Six-Stage Process for Recovery of Public Records: Replevin and the State of North Carolina." Archival Science (ePub Available).

Bowler, Leanne, Cory Knobel, and Eleanor Mattern. "From Cyberbullying to Well‐Being: A Narrative‐Based Participatory Approach to Values‐Oriented Design for Social Media." Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ePuB Available).

Cox, Richard J., Eleanor Mattern, Lindsay Mattock, Raquel Rodriguez, and Tonia Sutherland. “Assessing iSchools." Journal of Education for Library and Information Science 53, no. 4 (Fall 2012): 303-316.

Edited Volume

Cox, Richard, J., Alison Langmead, and Eleanor Mattern, eds. Proceedings of the 2014 Archival Education and Research Institute. Sacramento: Litwin Books, forthcoming 2015.

Conference Proceedings

Mattern, Eleanor and Brenner, Aaron L. and Lyon, L (2016) Learning by Teaching about RDM: An Active Learning Model for Internal Library Education. In: International Digital Curation Conference 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Jeng, Wei and Mattern, Eleanor and He, Daqing and Lyon, Liz (2016) Unpacking the “Black Box”: A Preliminary Study of Visualizing Humanists and Social Science Scholars’ Data and Research Processes. Proceedings of iConference 2016.

Kilgour, Lauren and Eleanor Mattern. "Distilling Jargon: A Case Study Examining the Efficacy of Government Information Visualizations." In iConference 2015 Proceedings, Newport Beach, CA.

Mattock, Lindsay and Eleanor Mattern. "Looking at Archives in Cinema: Recent Representations of Records in Motion Pictures." In Proceedings of the 2014 Archival Education and Research Institute,edited by Richard J. Cox, Alison Langmead, and Eleanor Mattern.Sacramento: Litwin Books, forthcoming 2015.

Bowler, Leanne, Eleanor Mattern, and Cory Knobel. Developing Design Interventions for Cyberbullying: A Narrative-Based Participatory Approach. IniConference 2014 Proceedings, Berlin, Germany, March 4-7, 2014. Winner of the Lee Dirks Best Paper Award from Microsoft Research.