Visionary research that transforms lives

The School of Computing and Information is part of a major research university with faculty members known for their scholarly contributions. Working in an interdisciplinary environment that fosters intellectual curiosity, scientists and scholars conduct cutting-edge research that leads to innovations and new ways of thinking that make a meaningful impact on society.

Some of the current research being conducted includes:
  • Archives and Archival Studies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Architecture and Networking
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Data Science
  • Data Stewardships
  • Energy-Efficient Computing
  • Human Computer Interaction and Visualization
  • Internet of Things
  • Library Studies
  • Next Gen Health Systems
  • New Pedagogies
  • Personalized Healthcare
  • Personalized Learning and Education
  • Security and Privacy
  • Social Computing and Information Culture
  • Specialized Training and Education
  • Smart Cities
  • Sustainable Urban Growth

Current Grants

Project TitleFunding Agency/DonorProject TimeframeFaculty Involved
A Brick in the Wall: Achieving Yield, Performance and Density Effective DRAM Beyond 22nm TechnologyNational Science Foundation2014 - 2017Bruce R. Childers, Co-PI; Youtao Zhang, Co-PI
A Curriculum for Security Assured Health InformaticsNational Science FoundationJames Joshi, PI; Prashant Krishnamurthy, PI; Balaji Palanisamy, Co-PI; Konstantinos Pelechrinis, Co-PI
A Scholarship Program for Security Assured Information Systems TrackNational Science FoundationJames Joshi, PI; Prashant Krishnamurthy, Co-PI; Michael Spring, Co-PI; David Tipper, Co-PI
Advanced controls for small modular nuclear reactorsDepartment of Energy2014 - 2017Daniel Mosse, Co-PI
Advancing Informal STEM Learning. Remake Making: Understanding Adoption and Adaptation of Facilitated Making in LibrariesNational Science Foundation2017 - 2019Leanne Bowler, Co-PI
Appraisal of Subgrid Scale Closures in Reacting Turbulence via DNS Big DataNational Science Foundation2016 - 2019Panos Chrysanthis, Co-PI; Alexandros Labrinidis, Co-PI
Approximate-Computing Enabled Robust 3D NAND Flash MemoriesNational Science Foundation2017 - 2020Youtao Zhang, Co-PI
Architectural Support for Reliable ReRAM Crossbar MemoryNational Science Foundation2016 - 2019Youtao Zhang, Co-PI
Assessing the “Neighborhood Effect” with Social Media TracesUniversity of PittsburghYu-Ru Lin, PI
Automated Enforcement in Spectrum SharingNational Science FoundationMartin Weiss, Co-PI
Cloud to SmartphoneAdministration for Community LivingDaqing He, Co-PI
Collective Sense-Making Following a Terrorist ThreatNational Science FoundationYu-Ru Lin, PI
Collaborative Research: Entrainment and Task Success in Team ConversationsNational Science Foundation2014 - 2018Diane Litman, PI
Collaborative Research: Formal Models of Human Control & Interaction with Cyber-Physical SystemsNational Science FoundationMichael Lewis, PI
Computational Models of Essay RewritingsNational Science FoundationRebecca Hwa, PI; Diane Litman, Co-PI
Data Management and Visualization in Petascale Turbulent Combustion SimulationNational Science Foundation2012 - 2017Panos Chrysanthis, Co-PI; Alexandros Labrinidis, Co-PI
Development of Human Language Technologies to Improve Disciplinary Writing and Learning through Self-Regulated RevisingNational Science Foundation2017 - 2020Rebecca Hwa, PI
Doctoral Fellowships Supporting Coherence at ScaleA. W. Mellon FoundationStephen Griffin, PI; Ronald Larsen, PI
Enabling Scalable Synchronizations for General Purpose GPUsDepartment of Energy2017 - 2020Rami Melhem, Co-PI
Enhancing Learning in a Large Enrollment Introduction Course by Using Visual and Social StrategiesUniversity of PittsburghPeter Brusilovsky, PI
Exploring Data Worlds at the Public LibraryInstitute of Museum and Library ServicesLeanne Bowler, PI
Improving Research Accountability through Artifact EvaluationNational Science Foundation2015 - 2018Bruce Childers, PI; Daniel Mosse, Co-PI
Influence of Cultural Factors on Trust in AutomationAir Force Office of Scientific ResearchMichael Lewis, PI
iSchool Inclusion Initiative Years 7-9A. W. Mellon FoundationRonald Larsen, PI; Rosta Farzan, Co-PI
Lazy Shadowing – An Adaptive, Power-Aware Resiliency Framework for Exascale ComputingDepartment of Energy2016 - 2018Rami Melhem, PI; Taieb Znati, Co-PI
Leadership Development for Pennsylvania School Librarians IVInstitute of Museum and Library ServicesMary Kay Biagini, PI
Mindful Makers in Libraries: A Study to Investigate Question Prompts as a Method for Scaffolding Critical Technical Practice in Library-based Maker Spaces for YouthAssociation for Library and Information Science EducationLeanne Bowler, PI
Modeling Vividness and Symbolism for Decoding Visual RhetoricNational Science Foundation2017 - 2020Adriana Kovashka, PI; Rebecca Hwa, Co-PI
Models and Metrics for Composite Socio-Spatial NetworksU.S. ArmyKonstantinos Pelechrinis, PI
NSF I-Corps Pitt VenturesNational Science FoundationPeter Brusilovsky, PI
NSF Student Travel Grant for 2017 IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE)National Science Foundation2017 - 2018Alexandros Labrinidis, PI
OCCAM: Open Curation for Computer Architecture ModelingNational Science Foundation2013 - 2017Bruce Childers, PI; Daniel Mosse, Co-PI; Alex Jones, Co-PI
Open Corpus Personalized LearningNational Science FoundationPeter Brusilovsky, Co-PI; Daqing He, Co-PI
Palliative Care Intervention for Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Cancer PatientsNational Institutes of HealthMichael Spring, Co-PI
Personalized Accessibility Location Services (PALS) for Wheelchair UsersParalyzed Veterans of AmericaHassan Karimi, PI
Real-Time Detection of Deviations in Clinical Care in ICU Data StreamsNational Institutes of Health2009 - 2018Milos Hauskrecht, PI
Remake Making: Understanding Adoption and Adaptation of Facilitated Making in LibrariesNational Science Foundation2017 - 2019Leanne Bowler, Co-PI
Response-to-Text Tasks to Assess Students’ Use of Evidence and Organization in Writing: Using Natural Language Processing for Scoring Writing and Providing Feedback At-ScaleInstitute of Education Sciences2016 - 2019Diane Litman, PI
Diffusion Analytics for Public Policy ResearchNational Science FoundationYu-Ru Lin, PI
Scalable Analytics Engine for Big Graphs on the CloudQatar Foundation2016 - 2018Rami Melhem, Co-PI
Security-Assured Data Science Workforce Development in PennsylvaniaNational Science Foundation2017 - 2020Balaji Palanisamy, PI; Kostas Pelechrinis, Co-PI; James Joshi, Co-PI
SOAR Website: Comparison of E-Health vs. In-person MFG (Multi-Family Group) Psycho-EducationU.S. Department of Veterans AffairsMichael Spring, Co-PI
Student Travel Grant for the 11th International Workshop on Real-Time Business Intelligence & Analytics (BIRTE 2017)National Science Foundation2017 - 2018Panos K. Chrysanthis, PI
Studying the Impact of Self-Disclosure on Newcomers in Virtual Production Communities University of PittsburghRosta Farzan, Co-PI
Subthalamic and Corticosubthalamic Coding of Speech ProductionNational Institutes of Health2016 - 2019Diane Litman, Co-PI
Sustainability-aware Datacenter Management for Sustainable Cloud ComputingUniversity of PittsburghBalaji Palanisamy, PI
Sustaining MedArt: the Impact of Socio-Technical Factors on Digital Preservation StrategiesNational Endowment for the HumanitiesAlison Langmead, PI
Systems Level Causal Discovery in Heterogeneous TOPMed DataNational Institutes of Health2017 - 2020Takis Benos, PI; Panos K. Chrysanthis, Co-PI
Techno-Economic Models of Secondary Spectrum UseNational Science FoundationMartin Weiss, PI; Prashant Krishnamurthy, Co-PI; David Tipper, Co-PI
The Data Scientist as the 21st Century Librarian?Institutes of Museum and Library ServicesLiz Lyon, Co-PI; Matt Burton, Co-PI
The Impact of Emerging Platforms for Artifact Review and Active Curation on the ACM Digital LibraryAlfred P. Sloan Foundation2016 - 2017Bruce Childers, PI
Threat Perception Following Mass Violence EventsNational Science FoundationYu-Ru Lin, PI
Towards Security Assured Cyberinfrastructure in PennsylvaniaNational Science FoundationJames Joshi, PI; Prashant Krishnamurthy, PI; Balaji Palanisamy, Co-PI; Michael Spring, Co-PI; David Tipper, Co-PI
Trustworthy Human Interaction with Robotic SwarmsAir Force Office of Scientific ResearchMichael Lewis, PI
User-Centric Privacy ManagementNational Science Foundation2013 - 2018Adam J. Lee, PI
Virtualized Wireless Networks and their Impact on Capacity MarketsNational Science FoundationMartin Weiss, PI