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Records Forms

Please submit all forms to the SCI Records Office (via online form submission or scireg@pitt.edu).

Undergraduate Student Forms

  • Academic Plan (Major/Minor) Declaration Form
    • This form is intended for students who would like to add or remove the Computer Science minor to/from their academic record, switch majors within SCI, or internally transfer from SCI to another school within the University. This form is not the application for internal transfer to SCI. Please visit the office of your home school for more information on how to apply for admission to SCI.
  • Intended Major Declaration Form
  • SCI Policy and Requirements Change e-Form
    • This form is initiated by the student’s advisor. Students should request an advising appointment to discuss the implications of opting into a new set of policy and degree requirements.
  • Undergraduate Graduation Application: Students should submit this survey to receive a link to the Application for Graduation. (Instructions and deadlines)

Graduate Student Forms

Registration Forms

For a listing of policies and procedures related to registration, visit this page.

Experiential Learning Forms

For policies and guidelines related to Experiential Learning, visit this page.

Other Forms

Degree Progress and Advising


Degree Progress / Academic Advisement Report Updates

  • Best Fit Forms. Submit to correct the placement of a course in the academic advisement report. This form is submitted to the SCI Records Office.
    • Students admitted to Pitt prior to Fall 2018
    • Students admitted to Pitt in Fall 2018 or later
      • CS majors (coming soon)
      • IS majors (coming soon)
  • Requirement Exceptions.  Submit to request a replacement course for a requirement, an override to a requirement based on prior experience or classes at an external institution, etc.
    • General Education Requirement Exceptions (coming soon)
    • Major Requirement Exceptions (coming soon)
Computer Science
Informatics and Networked Systems
Information Culture and Data Stewardship