Each year, new policies are published in the University Catalogs – which are published in July. Here you will find a listing of upcoming policy changes and their effective date.

April 6, 2018 – Process Update: Academic Policy Updates for Fall 2018 admits

Effective: For Fall 2018 admits

Undergraduate Policy Updates, effects: Fall 2018 admits to University
  • Academic Standing definitions updated, details to be included in Catalog. Summary: Academic probation = earning a term GPA below 2.50 over two consecutive terms or have one semester below 2.50 cumulative GPA; or failure to make progress toward degree, as determined by Dept. or Program reqs.
  • Residency Requirement – students must earn a minimum of 30 new credits in residency at SCI, at least 15 within their major program. At least half of the major program credits must be earned at the University of Pittsburgh Oakland campus.
  • Second Degree Students (those earning a second U of Pitt degree only) – will apply to SCI and may be admitted as undeclared students within SCI until they have met eligibility requirements for declaring a major. 3 term limit for undeclared status.
  • Admissions Requirements:
    • No change:
      • Min 55 credits (including current term credits)
      • Student must meet eligibility requirements for declaring a SCI major in order to be considered for admission (except for second degree students, see above)
    • Change:
      • Overall GPA min 2.75 for Pitt-Oakland students
      • Overall GPA min 3.0 for students at Pitt-regional campuses and external institution
Current and forthcoming undergraduate records-related forms
  • No change:
    • U of Pitt Students (main or regional campuses) transferring into SCI must use their home school’s “Program/Plan Add/Change form” in order to transfer into SCI (including adding a second major)
    • Regional transfers must meet eligibility requirements for declaring a SCI major in order to apply directly, otherwise transfer through A&S or CGS
    • Transfer application for non-Pitt students — still submitted through OAFA’s website
  • Forthcoming change:
    • An online minor declaration form will be posted on the SCI website for students who want to add the CS minor — this form is intended for students interested in our minor(s) across the University
    • Students transferring out of SCI will soon use an online form
Graduate Policy Updates, effects: Fall 2018 admits to University
  • Doctoral Advising:
    • Dissertation committees are comprised of min 4 members, including min 3 internal members, and min 1 external member from another department at U of Pitt or from an appropriate graduate program at another academic institution …Change: U of Pitt faculty members with a primary or joint appointment in a SCI department are considered internal members of that department. Individuals holding primary appointments outside of the department are considered external. However, a U of Pitt faculty member who holds a secondary appointment in a SCI department and is an active participant within the department my petition the department to be considered as an internal member, as determined by departmental criteria. Upon receiving internal status within a department, a faculty member may no longer act in an external capacity.

March 23, 2018 – Process Update: Declaring undergraduate major or minor

Effective date: Immediately

There is a new online form for undergraduate students declaring majors or minors within SCI. The “Academic Plan (major/minor) Declaration form” can be found here under ‘Advising Forms’

Who fills out the form:

  • non-SCI students declaring a minor in SCI
  • SCI students wishing to add or change their major within SCI
  • Forthcoming addition to the form: SCI students wishing to transfer out of SCI

The process:

  • The form is completed online through DocuSign

If a non-SCI student is applying for a transfer to SCI or to add a SCI major, they still initiate this process in their current school – there are no changes to that process.