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BS + MS in Computer Science

You will have the opportunity to earn both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in computer science in five years of study, instead of the usual six. This challenging program gives you the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiential educational activities such as research and teaching and gives you a jumpstart on your career so you can start working in the area you find most fascinating; whether that is artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, big data, resource management, or one of the many other aspects of computer science

Required Progress:

A Computer Science major must have achieved the following in (approximately) three years of study toward the BS degree to be eligible for the BS + MS degree:

  • Completion of 96 credits of coursework
  • At least 37 CS credits required for the BS degree
  • 11 – 12 credits in Math/Stat required for the BS degree
  • The particular CS courses (22 credits) and the particular Math/Stat courses (18 credits) that are specified as prerequisites for admission to the MS program
  • All General Education requirements
  • Maintain a QPA of at least 3.3, both overall and in computer science
Degree Information:
  • One of the required courses for the MS degree, either CS 1510 or CS 1511, should be taken among the 96 credits of undergraduate coursework;
  • Only one course may be counted towards both the BSCS and MSCS degrees – either CS 1510 or CS 1511;
  • All cross-listed courses, such as CS 1510 and CS 2012, may be counted only once;
  • As a senior, the student can register for up to three graduate courses (nine credits) distributed throughout the academic year
Master’s Degree Requirements:

Information about the MS in Computer Science degree requirements can be found here.