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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science

Learn how to solve problems through computational methods

Computers are becoming increasingly woven into all aspects of our lives, which means the value of a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is becoming even more valuable.  Our mathematically rigorous courses provide students with the fundamentals they need to enter the workforce or continue to graduate school.

In addition to your course work, you can gain hands-on experience in software development, software testing, database administration, network administration and other jobs through an internship or by taking part in the co-operative education program in the Swanson School of Engineering. Students also gain valuable experience through the required Capstone Experience.

As one of the oldest  Computer Science departments in the country, our graduates have made innovative and worthy contributions to a wide range of industries and academic institutions.

Our Curriculum

Our core courses provide an introduction to the fundamental areas and basic concepts of computer science. These courses include the study of modern languages such as Java. Also included is a careful investigation of fundamental problem-solving techniques used on an important variety of computational problems.

The curriculum for the BS degree program consists of eight required courses (25 credits) and five elective courses (15 credits). This makes a total of 40 computer science credits. They include:

  • A three-course programming sequence: CS 0401, CS 0445, and CS 1501 (10 credits).
  • A three-course systems sequence: CS 0447, CS 0449, and CS 1550 (9 credits).
  • A two-course sequence on discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science: CS 0441 and CS 1502.

The five elective courses required for the major can be any regular CS course numbered 1000 or higher (internships, directed studies, CS 1640, and CS capstone courses may NOT be used as elective major courses).

Students should have some programming experience (usually acquired in high school) before taking CS 0401. Any high school course that includes the writing of several Pascal, C++, or Java programs would suffice. It is also possible to take one of the department’s programming service courses, such as CS 0007 or CS 0008, as preparation.

All courses, except CS 0401, are offered for three credits. Some courses may be cross-listed with courses in the Swanson School of Engineering. Numbers in parenthesis refer to cross listings. Indications of frequency of offering are approximate and subject to change. Please note: Students must achieve a C or better in order to use a course to satisfy the pre-requisite for any subsequent Computer Science course.

More information about the requirements for this major can be found on the BSCS Degree Requirements sheet.


Core Courses for Majors

Upper-level Courses for Majors

Capstone Courses for Majors

Introductory Service Courses Primarily for Non-majors

Intermediate Service Courses