Learning by doing
The School of Computing and Information is committed to providing exciting and challenging real-life opportunities to apply the skills, methodologies and cutting-edge concepts you learned in the classroom. This enhances your creative problem solving skills, teaches how to interact with subject matter experts, and reinforces the power of collaboration.

See your textbook theories come to life while building a portfolio that will help launch your career.

Faculty spotlight: Dmitriy Babichenko
How do you build a responsive website to raise funds for a non-profit? Can 3D printing be used to create medical stimulators for students to practice procedures?  How do you build an alternate reality game to teach pharmacy students the drug development process? In his role as professor of practice, Dmitriy Babichenko taps into the 10 years he spent running corporate IT departments to help students develop solutions to real-world problems.  Here’s a look at a few recent projects.
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Cooperative Education Program
Computer science majors can also apply for a cooperative education position, which lets students rotate four-month terms between the workplace and the classroom. During co-op rotations, students are paid competitive salaries.
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Within the last three years, our students have held internships at: